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Friday, August 18, 2006

New endorsements for Bob Rae!!

(It's Friday, and I'm in a good mood. I hope you enjoy the following nonsense.)

On the heals of Bob Rae's hugely successful week where, among other things, he received the backing of Maurizio Bevilacqua, the campaign team is pleased to announce the following high-profile endorsements:

For proving that comebacks are indeed possible, Bob received a call from Gary Coleman late last night. Gary offered his full support to the campaign, and even said he'd run on Bob's team in the next election. Bob offered him the riding of his choosing. Gary chose Etobicoke-Lakeshore.

Bob recently gave a speech at a daycare centre in Halifax, where he reiterated the fact that as Premier of Ontario, he increased spending on child care by 62%. These babies were so inspired by Bob's speech and his devotion to children's causes that they decided to put their money where their mouths are (that is, after they stopped sucking their thumbs). Each of them offered to donate $5400 to the campaign. The campaign politely declined. But talk about grassroots support!

Mr. T pities fools, and after hearing Bob's recent foreign policy speech at the Munk Centre, the acclaimed action star came to the conclusion that Bob Rae is no fool. Mr. T will be joining the team as head of security, with special responsibilities for protecting the John Lennard Experience. His first task: to "settle" my ongoing dispute with Jason Cherniak. Be afraid, Jason. Be very afraid.