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Monday, August 14, 2006

On Cherniak

(I preface this by saying that Jason Cherniak is a friend of mine. As a blogger, I have a lot of respect for his opinions, even though he and I may disagree from time to time. He's one of the reasons I got into the blogging game, and I'm grateful for his ongoing advice.)

So Cherniak continues to insist that his political judgment is better than that of two veteran politicians who, combined, have been elected 11 times in York region to the federal and provincial legislatures. That's fine. I think he's wrong.

If anyone knows what will sell in the 905, it would be Greg Sorbara and Maurizio Bevilacqua. As elected officials, they know the area, they know the people, they know the concerns and they know the issues. If either of them seriously believed Bob Rae wouldn't sell in York region, I sincerely doubt they'd endorse the guy. They did, because they think he can win there.

What Jason is spinning is typical conventional wisdom. The same conventional wisdom that led him to be such a strong Martinite back in the day. The same conventional wisdom that led him to call the Tories' pre-Christmas campaign a "failure".

Now he claims the Liberals will be wiped out in York region in a Conservative sweep if Rae is elected leader. An interesting theory, to be sure. Since Jason's made such bold (and wrong) predictions before, I'm wondering if he can enlighten us once again. Who's going to lose in York region if Rae wins the leadership, Jason? Will it be Maurizio? Your friend Byron Wilfert, perhaps? Will it be McCallum, Stronach, Temelkovski, Kadis? Who's going to lose?