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Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Day 1 - The call (and three offices?)

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Just watched Harper and Dion's respective news conferences. I don't have much to say. Pretty boring stuff.

What's more interesting, for me, is what goes on in the ridings, on the ground. Case in point: Nickel Belt, where I'll be offering as much assistance as I can to elect Louise Portelance as Member of Parliament. Granted, living in Montreal means that I'm eight hours away, but trust me: So much can be done remotely with a cell phone and an internet connection.

Over the past couple of weeks, our biggest challenge was finding a reasonably-affordable, highly-visible and readily-accessible campaign office. Until yesterday, it was looking pretty bleak, and we began to consider other options (A roving office? A trailer, perhaps?). Then last night, in a STUNNING turn of events (sorry, I grew up watching Larry King), I got the good news that we had secured not one, not two, but three campaign offices! For a riding as ginormous as Nickel Belt (you could fit a few European countries within our boundaries), having a few satellite offices makes sense. So take that, broken down Winnebago! We'll be living the high life after all, thank you very much!

So for anyone passing through Northern Ontario over the next few weeks, drop by and lend Louise a hand!

Valley East Office

(next to the Pizza Hut)

4544 Highway 69N, unit #3

Val Therese, Ontario, P3P 1P9

Rayside Balfour Office

Place Bonaventure

4764-10A, R.R. 15

Chelmsford, Ontario, P0M 1L0

West Nipissing Office

173 King Street

Sturgeon Falls, Ontario, P2B 1R6