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Monday, January 29, 2007

Spinning science

Despite the facts, newly anointed Tory attack dog Jason Kenney continues to distort the Liberal record on the environment. Yesterday, during his "technical briefing" to the media about the new Conservative attack ads, Kenney claimed (erroneously, it appears) that air quality in Canada "deteriorated every single year" during the Liberal term from 1993 to 2006. His source: So-called "anecdotal evidence" from Dr. Carolyn Bennett who, oddly enough, is part of the same Liberal team Mr. Kenney is trying to discredit.

Of course, the facts prove otherwise. The Toronto Star reports that various federal and provincial government studies have either found fluctuating or improving levels of air quality over the past few years.

But why believe the science when you can believe the Tory spin? Jason Kenney says he wants to "drive [the Conservative] message home." Clearly, no amount of money or real evidence will stop him in this quest.