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Monday, January 01, 2007

Ahhh, 2007...

2006 will go down as the year I truly blossomed, both personally and politically. I hope 2007 will be even better. My 12 resolutions (some general, some specific) for the new year:

  1. Prime Minister Stephane Dion. Full stop.
  2. Premier Dalton McGuinty. Full stop.
  3. To be fair and honest on this blog and in my everyday dealings.
  4. To continually strive to be a better son, friend, colleague, student and person.
  5. To be more confident.
  6. To be more mindful of the physical environment. This means, among other things, walking more and using less styrofoam.
  7. To learn to ballroom dance.
  8. 5 miles in 25 minutes in time for the Pride and Remembrance run in Toronto.
  9. To become a true wine connaisseur.
  10. To visit every province and territory.
  11. D’être plus sage. In politics, as in life, enthusiasm is one thing. Wisdom is another.
  12. To spend more time with my friends in the H.B.Comm programme at Laurentian. This is our last semester together...Might as well make it a memorable one!

Happy New Year!