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Friday, December 01, 2006

I'm back

Sorry for the lack of updates. It's been a busy couple of days here in Montreal.

A wonderful start to the convention! Every single team is full of pep, driven in large part by the enthusiasm of their young liberal supporters. Believe me, I know: I've lost my voice probably three times over due to excessive cheering!

Thoughts so far: Iggy's team is out in force, with well planned logistics and a good sense of how the visuals will play in the media. Good for them. Rae team, by contrast, has a quiet confidence about it. I don't know which approach will win the day. Readers' thoughts?

Dion and Kennedy? Don't believe the rumours.

Speeches: Dean's speech was good, perhaps a bit underwhelming. Paul Martin literally had me in tears. He was relaxed, bubbly, humourous... The Paul Martin I remember from way, way back when. It was, no question, the best speech I've ever heard him give. Tewksbury was funny... There's talk of him possibly running in Martin's lasalle-emard seat in the next election, although his lack of french may be a hinderance.

On a final note, I met and had lunch yesterday with a man for whom I have the deepest of respect and admiration. I asked him his honest opinion: Do you think Michael Ignatieff can win? His response: Do you think Michael ignatieff should win?

This will be my guiding principle throughout the convention.

More later.
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