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Friday, November 24, 2006

Calling Scott Reid...

From the National Post...

Mr. Ignatieff's campaign manager Ian Davey reacted angrily, accusing both men [Rae and Dion] of "playing games" and "stoking fire" on the Quebec issue since last month and now "talking about shutting down the debate from the back rooms" at the convention in Montreal.


From the Globe and Mail...

[Bob Rae] said yesterday that the Conservative motion apparently does not raise any suggestion that it will be in the Constitution.

"It seems to me that there is an issue that the government is going to have to answer, and that is, what is the legal impact of this resolution?"

Michael Ignatieff's campaign manager, Ian Davey, blasted Mr. Rae, insisting he is trying to avoid taking a stand.


Again, from the Globe and Mail...

A senior adviser to the Michael Ignatieff Leadership Campaign has taken a broadside shot at Justin Trudeau, advising the younger Trudeau to restudy his father's thinking on nationalism and labelling him “perhaps more celebrity than seasoning”.

In an email circulating an 11,500-word essay first posted to a Liberal party blog, Toronto lawyer and Liberal leadership convention delegate Alfred Apps slams Justin Trudeau's argument against a nation of Quebec as shallow, and concludes that, if Pierre Trudeau were alive today, the former Prime Minister would side with Mr. Ignatieff.


A few questions
  • Who speaks for the Michael Ignatieff campaign?
  • When was the last time a senior backroom official made it a point to "react angrily," "blast," "broadside" or "slam" his candidate's opponents?
  • Better yet, when was the last time a senior backroom official made it a point to personally and publically comment on the issues of the day?
  • Remind me again, how did that turn out?

Political campaigns run by TV producers may make for a lot of drama (or, in this case, a stunning comedy of errors). But ask yourself: Are these guys really ready for prime time?