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Friday, November 10, 2006

Another wonderful study in contrasts


Bernard Landy salue la position de Michael Ignatieff, qui reconnaît au Québec le statut de « nation », à la différence de Bob Rae et de Stéphane Dion, ses adversaires dans la course au leadership du Parti libéral du Canada ...

L'ancien chef du PQ qualifie cette position de «revirement spectaculaire» pour les libéraux fédéraux.

(In English:Bernard Landry applauds Michael Ignatieff's position, which recognizes Quebec as a nation within Canada, in contrast to Bob Rae and Stephane Dion, his main challengers in the race to lead the Liberal Party of Canada ... The former PQ leader calls this position "a spectacular turnaround" for the Federal Liberals.)

...and here...

In a strongly worded attack against the Liberal leadership candidate, Mr. Boisclair predicted that Bob Rae will pay dearly for stating that the type of nationalism practised in Quebec is "less good and less generous" than the Canadian nationalism he espouses ...

The PQ Leader was responding to Mr. Rae's comments published yesterday in La Presse and the National Post [in which Rae said] "If we start from negative premises we inevitably come to negative conclusions. Institutions can always be improved, but we may have to be careful not to embrace the rhetoric of those who suggest that there is a fatal flaw in the Canadian idea," Mr. Rae wrote.

"It's also important to remember that it is precisely our federal structure that has allowed Quebec to succeed in so many ways."

So to sum up:

  • Michael Ignatieff is lauded by an avowed separatist for encouraging Liberals to (in Landry's words) "turn our backs on the fundamental Canadian creed as espoused by Pierre Trudeau"
  • Bob Rae is attacked by an avowed separatist for standing up for our traditional Liberal policies on national unity and for saying that the Canadian federal structure is what has allowed Quebec to be successful

My questions to my fellow delegates in Montreal would thus be:

  • Do you agree with Michael Ignatieff's "spectacular turnaround" that has led Landry to say that we should "turn our backs" on Trudeau's vision for Canada?
  • Do you agree that Quebec has benefited from being a part of Canada, as Bob Rae suggests?
  • Do we really want to elect a Liberal leader who's position on national unity has been endorsed by a man dedicated to ripping this country apart?
  • Would it not be a better idea to elect a Liberal leader who's advocacy for "the Canadian idea" has earned him the wrath of the separatists?

A simple choice, really.