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Friday, October 06, 2006

We can all be friends

A few people have asked me about my thoughts on Warren Kinsella's recent criticisms of Bob Rae. He's been particularly aggressive these past few weeks (I wonder why...) and while I literally used to stay up at night crying about it like a baby who lost his soother, my attitude is now much more serene.

I am entitled to my opinions. Warren is entitled to his. I'm entitled to be right. He's entitled to be wrong. Same goes for my friends over at Fiddle Faddle. Our current disagreements don't mean we can't all be friends at the end of the day, or that Warren won't be a fantastic person to work for in the next provincial election (yes WK, consider that a job application). There will be no lasting animosity when this is all over.

With that, I wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. Spend some time with your families. Eat a lot of food. Have a lot of fun. And forget about politics for a while