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Friday, October 27, 2006

Peterson attacks Trudeau

In the Toronto Star today, former Ontario Premier David Peterson apparently decided that his attacks on longtime rival Bob Rae weren't enough. This time, he turned his guns on Justin Trudeau for daring to stand up for his father's ideals with respect to national unity:

He [Peterson] also took a swipe at Trudeau — whose late father, iconic Liberal prime minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau, held views similar to those expressed by his son — dryly noting, "I didn't realize he was a constitutional thinker. He should try making that speech in Iraq, or Lebanon."

I'm sorry, Mr. Peterson, but not all of us are Harvard academics like your golden boy, Michael Ignatieff. Not all of us can brag, as you do, about being the Chancellor of a prestigious university. That said, I would submit that one does not have to live or work in some ivory tower to realize that Dr. Ignatieff's position on this issue is recklessly divisive and absolutely inconsistent with the ideals that Pierre Elliot Trudeau stood for. Kudos to Justin Trudeau for pointing it out.

And speaking of Iraq and Lebanon, perhaps Chancellor Peterson would like to remind us what happened the last time Michael Ignatieff opened his mouth on foreign policy? Oh yeah, that's right: He lost the support of his GTA co-chair. Funny, that.

Come to think of it, maybe the good professor should open his mouth more often...