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Friday, October 20, 2006

Godfrey for Rae

Today, the Honourable John Godfrey, MP for Don Valley West, former Liberal Leadership candidate and former Minister of State (Infrastructure and Communities) will announce his support for Bob Rae in his bid to lead the Liberal Party of Canada.

This is big news for the Rae camp. John Godfrey is one of the most well-respected Liberals in Canada, having fought his entire parliamentary career for important social policy reforms, including early learning and child care and a new deal for municipalities. He's also an all-around great guy. Back in April, I thought he made the best presentation at the Edmonton forum, and I'm still very fond of him to this day. Dr. Godfrey's principled, progressive and passionate approach to public policy jive well with Mr. Rae's.

For us to implement the kinds of changes we need-- be it in social policy, foreign policy or environmental policy -- we must defeat Stephen Harper. Bob Rae can do that. John Godfrey agrees. John is another Ontario MP who clearly believes Bob Rae can play well in this province because he offers the strongest alternative to Stephen Harper's agenda.

Welcome aboard, John.