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Sunday, September 17, 2006

Sunday morning roundup

A few thoughts before I get back to my homework:
  • The Star is reporting that there's a lot of "grumbling" in the Ontario Liberal Party following our loss in Parkdale-High Park. I've made my views on this known. I thought the "sermon attack" was a bad idea from day one, but hey, what do I know? An unnamed party official suggested: "[T]here was a backlash against the party after some overly enthusiastic young bloggers used their websites to attack DiNovo." I wonder who s/he is referring to?
  • I'm looking forward to tonight's leadership debate in Vancouver. In particular, I'm anxious to see the first grouping, which consists of presumed frontrunners Michael Ignatieff, Bob Rae and Stephane Dion. Break out the fireworks!
  • Michael Ignatieff exudes confidence following Bennett's endorsement of Bob Rae. Is he losing sleep over it? Not according to Canadian Press: "Not at all," Ignatieff told reporters following a speech on national unity and immigration. "I've got a third of the caucus already. I've got a third of the riding associations in Quebec ... I feel the momentum is excellent." Oh, the humility!
  • In the same article, while addressing the issue of how his plan to speed up the immigration process might cause some security issues, Ignatieff says: "Cutting those queues is going to cost a lot of money...On the security side, I think we have to look at ways to simply simplify this process." Simply simplify this process. This guy gets more insightful by the day.
  • Welcome to the Liberal Party, Paul Summerville! Summerville's recent endorsement of Bob Rae is good news. It provides further proof that the NDP is increasingly moving outside of the mainstream of Canadian politics, and that the Liberal Party is the only real progressive alternative to Stephen Harper's conservative agenda. Regardless of the outcome of this leadership race, I hope we can keep Paul in our tent.
  • Speaking of Paul Summerville: Now that we have his endorsement, and Carolyn Bennett's endorsement, can we expect a call from Peter Kent anytime soon? C'mon, Peter! Let's make it a hat trick!

That's it for now. When it's Sunday, it's Meet the Press. Back to Tim Russert, and then homework.