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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

See ya in a bit!

I'll be out of commission for a little while. I just wanted to (quickly) put in my two cents on a few things while I still can:

  • The fact that Bob Rae, as a private citizen, donated money to a few personal friends(including his former secretary) during the last election is big news? Please.
  • The fact that Bob Rae quotes from Tommy Douglas from time to time is big news? Come on, Antonio. Are we really going to go there? You and I both know your preferred leadership candidate can quote George Bush almost as well as Stephen Harper can.
  • Is it big news that despite all the hype about Bob Rae being a polarizing figure, he's still THE TOP SECOND CHOICE OF LIBERAL PARTY MEMBERS and has the greatest potential for second, third and fourth ballot growth? Absolutely! Is it big news that this same poll confirms that in Ontario, where he is supposedly hated, Bob continues to enjoy the highest ratings among the candidates? Absolutely! Liberals seem to be confirming what I've been suggesting all along: Bob Rae is job ready. And truth be told, it makes me smile.

Looking forward to an exciting fall,

John Lennard