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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

On ideas (part 2)

Bob Rae is an ideas machine. He has more experience than anyone in the race. In speeches and discussions, he regularly points to his numerous accomplishments, like implementing the Trillium Drug Plan in Ontario, and his work advising governments and organizations here and overseas. He is the former head of the Institute for Research on Public Policy and the Forum of Federations. He was counsel to the Free Trade Lumber Council and Commissioner on Post-Secondary Education to the McGuinty Government in Ontario. He has written two books, one of which deals quite deeply with his political philosophy and views. And throughout this campaign, he has spoken to policy and to his record in spades.

Because certain mischief-makers say Bob Rae has not issued policy, let's be clear: Bob has been as active as anyone on that front.
  • On June 6th, Bob outlined an economic policy plan with four components: An Education, Training and Research Strategy; Strategic Investments in Green infrastructure; Renewing the Architecture for Income Security; A Smart Tax and Smarter Regulation Agenda with income tax cuts, and corporate tax fairness. Full text of Bob’s June 6 speech and announcement on prosperity, opportunity and sustainable development, is here.
  • His experience as Post-Secondary Education Commissioner in Ontario informed his education policy here.
  • Here is Bob’s August 10 speech on Foreign Policy and Overseas Development, where he commits to the Pearson target for foreign aid.
  • On improving the participation of women in politics, Bob Rae responded to the McLellan task force on time, unlike Dr. Ignatieff, who was on vacation.
  • In a detailed plan on health care from earlier this month, Bob suggests that Canada adopt a National Catastrophic Drug plan so that no Canadian ever has to choose between paying his/her bills and getting the medication he/she needs.
  • More details on his health care plan.
  • An agenda for First Nations, Métis and Aboriginal Canadians.
  • On Quebec and Confederation.
  • Bob Rae was the first to say that Liberals should vote against the dangerous softwood lumber deal.

Anybody who says that Bob Rae is not a policy person should screw their heads back on, or lose the bias.