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Saturday, September 02, 2006

Mea culpa

Antonio at Fuddle Duddle will be happy to know that I'm taking a page out of his guy's (Michael Ignatieff's) playbook and issuing a retraction. Seems I shouldn't have criticized Dion organizers for skipping on a bar tab in Nova Scotia when Bob Rae was guilty of doing the same thing at McGill University.

To be truthful, I'm a bit disappointed in Bob. Leaving students to pay for the pizza you promised them? Shame on you! Must have been a UofT/McGill rivalry thing. I really don't know.

What I do know is I owe Dion's Nova Scotia youth team an apology. They claim it was an honest mistake and that the media had it wrong. Quite frankly, I'm inclined to believe them. And for the hell of it, I'll buy some pizza for the McGill contingent at the leadership convention. Talk about good faith!

See you all in Montreal!

(FYI: To any Nova Scotians who were wondering, Bob Rae will be in Halifax this Tuesday for a youth event. Hopefully we'll be able to get eleven people to show up.)