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Saturday, September 02, 2006

Dion supporters drink and run

This is funny. For those of you who can't read French or aren't inclined to do so, here's the scoop:
  • Apparently, Stephane Dion recently held a reception for supporters in the Halifax area. Fifty people were expected to attend. Ten people showed up.
  • His supporters evidently thought it was an open bar reception, because they left without paying for their booze.
  • The irate bar manager literally had to chase down Dion organizers to pay the bill. Dion's people were apparently reluctant to pay, saying they had "better things to worry about."
  • A Dion worker and local Young Liberal, Colin Hebb, finally settled the $123.00 bill, but left a very, very cheap tip: $6.50, far less than the 15% norm.

Wow. You'd think with $530,000 in loans and, according to Cherniak, a fundraising machine that is finally "in the money", the campaign wouldn't have to be dragged kicking and screaming to pay a lousy bar tab. And a $6.50 tip on a $123.00 bill? That's beyond sad.

For the record, Bob Rae will be in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick today through Wednesday. Details are on his campaign website. Expect bigger crowds. And a campaign that pays its bills.