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Sunday, August 20, 2006

Sunday musings

Some thoughts on a Sunday morning:

1. I went to a Stephane Dion get-together the other day. Tetreault has a good recap of the event. It was reasonably well attended, with a good mix of Dion supporters, supporters from other camps and curious undecideds. I think we all appreciated his candor. Stephane really comes across as a person who says what he means and means what he says. That's why I find his bizarre comments on Northern Ontario so disheatening. I'll chalk it up to the fact that he had a long day and was probably tired, but to suggest to Northern Ontarians that they leave their communities and "go to where the jobs are" is not at all tactful.

2. Yesterday, I attended the LPC(O) Executive Board meeting at the Marriott Toronto Eaton's Centre. For those of you who don't know, the Executive Board is a gathering of Ontario riding presidents, LPC(O) Table Officers, Commission executive members and other party officials. As an Area Coordinator for part of Northern Ontario, I'm invited to attend these meetings. Without going into any details or providing any context or rationale, I can state categorically that the Liberal Party will continue to lose elections unless it gets younger people involved at the senior party level.

3. Yesterday afternoon, I went out to High Park to check out the OYL "Liberals in the Park" event. Organized by the York University Young Liberals, the event was filled with good games, good food and good company. I especially liked the OYL Olympics part, where the different teams had to compete against each other in various events, from trivia to improv, from a relay to a soccer game. Team Trinity-Spadina (which I happened to join just two minutes before the awards ceremony...Thanks Brian Clow!) came in third place after a coin toss. The losers from Toronto-Centre weren't too happy :o( All in all, it was a great time. I particularly enjoyed the BAPM (Big Ass Piece of Meat)...Cooked to perfection!!! Kudos to Li Zhang and Sukhpaul Tut for organizing a great event.

4. The Liberal Party will win federal seats in Alberta. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow... Hell, maybe not anytime soon, for that matter. But a few of us are working on it.

5. Warren Kinsella posted a comment on my blog the other day. I'm ecstatic! But it still doesn't change the way I feel about "Big Meanie" Warren. I haven't cried that much since Brokeback Mountain lost the Oscar.

6. It's my last week in Toronto. I'm not happy.

OK, that's enough rambling for today. I've got to get ready for the LPO(O) Boat Cruise. Or as I like to call it, the Schmooze Cruise. Have a great Sunday!