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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Remember the humanitarian crisis

An excellent editorial in today's Toronto Star.

A lot of media attention has been focused on the rush to evacuate Canadian citizens from Lebanon. And rightfully so. But we must not forget about the looming humanitarian crisis that will inevitably result if the most basic needs of the innocent civilians left behind - food, medicine, shelter - are not met.

Kudos to the Star for calling on our government to begin developing an aid plan. The time for action is now. We can't wait for the situation to get even more desperate. This would only play into the hands of Hezbollah, who are already offering food and supplies to displaced citizens in hopes of gaining additional support.

Canada has a responsibility not only to be a broker for peace, but to be a provider of help. Innocent citizens caught in the crossfire are depending on us. Let's not let them down.
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