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Tuesday, April 04, 2006


YAAA!! I just found out I've been selected to participate in the Queen's Park Summer Internship Programme! I'm so excited! Beginning May 8th, I'll be working for the Ontario Liberal Caucus, either in the office of the Premier, the office of a Minister or the Liberal Caucus Services Bureau. According to my job description, my assigned tasks will include communications, research, policy and database.

A lot of my friends who've participated in years past have told me that this opportunity is simply amazing. The people you meet, the contacts you make, the friendships you form...Not to mention the work, which is genuinely interesting and relevant. Imagine being a part of a Minister's policy team? Or writing speeches for the Premier? Or helping to brief Cabinet before Question Period? What an opportunity!

As we gear up for the 2007 provincial election, this summer promises to be a "campaign training ground" of sorts for the young volunteers who so often add energy to the campaign. I am truly honoured to have been selected. Apparently, 700 students from across the province applied, and only 40 made the cut. Oh wow! I'M SO LOOKING FORWARD TO THIS, IT'S NOT EVEN FUNNY!!!

To the three people who read this blog on a daily basis: I'll keep you updated on my specific assignments as the information becomes available.